The first digital check-in solution for your luggage.

Once again, RIMOWA fundamentally redefines travel: With the RIMOWA Electronic Tag, travellers will be able to check-in their luggage from anywhere and drop it off at the airport within seconds.

The new way to check-in luggage.

When asked about the future of travel, RIMOWA’s response was both new and groundbreaking, introducing the first fully-integrated digital suitcase: RIMOWA Electronic Tag. A technology that will redefine travel. Using this new technology, travellers will be able to check-in their luggage from home using their smartphone and drop it off at the airport in seconds - without all the stress and time pressure.

This is made possible through RIMOWA’s use of technology that is directly integrated into select RIMOWA suitcases. The RIMOWA Electronic Tag replaces the usual paper label with a digital data module to which the airline’s luggage data is transmitted.

Check-in your luggage, wherever you are.

Travel means freedom. With RIMOWA Electronic Tag you will enjoy even greater freedom. Check-in your luggage from home, the hotel or on the go - it’s your trip and your decision. The innovative link between suitcase and smartphone makes this possible.

Enjoy stress-free travel.

Be on the go. But without the stress. RIMOWA Electronic Tag keeps this promise and ensures that you can relax more on your travels. Another factor is its very simple operation that makes checking-in your suitcase from anywhere as intuitive and easy as operating your smartphone. When you get to the airport, you no longer need to give your luggage a thought - and will noticeably increase the quality of your travel experience.

Drop off your luggage without waiting.

RIMOWA Electronic Tag eliminates unnecessary stress and wait time. After you have checked in your luggage using the app, it can be dropped-off within seconds at any semi- or fully automatic luggage check-in station. The first digital mobility solution for luggage that gives travellers what they need the most - a relaxing time.

See how easy it is:

The RIMOWA app personalises the Electronic Tag and activates it so that it can communicate with airline apps.

Flight data is then sent to the selected item of luggage via Bluetooth and shown on the display.

The case is now checked in and can be dropped off at the airport within seconds.



A RIMOWA suitcase is always a statement of personality. RIMOWA Electronic Tag makes your luggage even more distinctive. If you do not use the display as an electronic tag, you can personalise it with your address, initials and an image of your choice with the RIMOWA app.


Display your favorite photo on your RIMOWA Electronic Tag. You can upload a picture or select one of the preset images in the RIMOWA app.


You can further personalise your suitcase with your initials.


If you enter your address, your suit-case can be easily assigned to you. You can display it as a QR code for extra privacy if you prefer.

Our Airline Partners.

The system will be continuously expanded to include leading global airline partners. You can find out here which airlines already offer this service.

Lufthansa - started

Eva Air - started

SWISS - started

AUSTRIAN – started